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This granite building was completed in the year 1834. At that time the building fronted on Commercial Street with the rear of the building at the water’s edge.

The private street (Commercial Wharf South) on one side and our private mall on the other side were originally canal inlets from the ocean.

During the middle 1830’s, the building housed many prominent commercial tenants. Among these prestigious tenants was a sail loft, Gordon and Hutchinson, who was the foremost sailmaker in America, servicing sailing vessels from around the world. This firm made the second set of sails for the U.S.S. Constitution.

This building was also known as the “Clearing House”, as it was the location of the first check and money clearing house in the United States.

The City of Boston in about 1885 to 1895, decided to make an easily accessible direct connecting route between North and South Railroad Stations. This major project was the creation of Atlantic Avenue.

As no street existed here, it was necessary to cut and remove part of any buildings on route. Our current building, is the portion that remained. The building now fronted on the newly created Atlantic Avenue.

During the years from 1895 to 1964, the building housed industrial and warehouse tenants.

In 1964, we purchased this property and continued with the same tenancy until the years 1973/74, at which time a master plan for the Boston Waterfront area was developed by the newly created Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA).

We were the first private developers in the City of Boston to enter into an agree­ment with the BRA for the rehabilitation of property to residential and commercial office space.

The main goal was to rehabilitate and restore buildings on the waterfront, maintaining their original and natural look.

To accomplish this, we engaged the renowned architect, Tim Anderson. Plans were completed and approved by the BRA. We agreed to maintain, without substantial changes, the restored natural look of the building for forty years.

The rehabilitation was extensive. To restore the natural look, we had both the interior and exterior granite sandblasted. The interior was completely gutted so as to retain the original brick walls and large pegged beams.

An elevator was installed, as well as a new updated electrical system, new heating plant, new plumbing, and central air-conditioning. ( see report- of engineers, Ridell-Eyster and Associates, Inc.)

In essence, the property maintained the old Boston waterfront elegance with modern amenities added.

We enjoy a zoning which is very unusual for the City of Boston, and is rarely given out. This zoning, residential and/or commercial, permits us to have a mixture of both, while allowing us to change at any time, without approval, to all residential, or all commercial.

The Boston waterfront area is in vogue and will remain so. It is in an area that is much in demand and our location and amenities are desirable to prospective tenants. Some of these features are:

  1. Large front (water view) roof deck, common to all tenants. This deck affords two panoramic viewsthe Boston waterfront and Harbor, and the Boston city skyline.
  1. Duplexes (5th and 6th floors) each have two private decks.
  1. Private parking to accommodate our tenants.
  1. Boston’s “Waterfront Park” is across street from building.
  1. Public (MBTA) transportation Aquarium Station across street from building.
  1. Proximity to many parts of Boston is only a 5 to 10 minute ….Financial district, Historical North End, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, many fine hotels and restaurants.North and South Railroad Stations are about a 15 minutes walk, and Logan International Airport is a ten minute ride.(This location is most desirable to our professional/commercial tenants who have clients from out of town visit them)

Rooftop Deck

Waterfront View

Waterfront Park

Across The Street

MBTA Across Street

Aquarium Station

Logan Airport

10 Minutes Away

Private Parking

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